for Concrete Piles



Make drilling

after the pile is placed



Are easily cut

with pile

in unknown pile depth...


And gives your budget a break

by removing a step from the process!

Save Time

Preformed holes eliminate the required time
and labor to drill after driving the pile.
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Fit Any Pile Length

Corrugated dowel tubes for concrete piles
are easily cut once proper tip elevation is reached.
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Meet Your Budget

Preformed holes are less expensive
since the drilling process is unnecessary.
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About Us

Essve Tech, Inc has manufactured corrugated dowel tubes for concrete piles, post-tensioning duct, and corrugated steel pipe for over 20 years.  The production facility in Alpharetta, GA serves customers across the world in high profile projects and small niche applications. We offer the highest corrugation available on the market ensuring our products lock securely into the concrete.


  • Highest Corrugation Available

    Highest corrugation available results in high pull-out strength, ensuring tubes lock securely into concrete.

  • Custom Length

    Order any of the Essve Tech industry-leading products cut to your length to minimize waste.

  • Made in the USA

    Products are constructed from 26 gauge, galvanized steel and are manufactured in the USA. Twenty-four gauge steel available upon request.

  • Couplers Available

    Post-tensioning duct may be coupled, as required, to accommodate any bridge span.


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